The Paw Paw Experience

by Tess Hickey

Photos by Tess Hickey

I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning in anticipation of attending my very first Paw-Paw Festival. Apparently, the paw-paw is indigenous to southern Ohio, and its taste alludes to a papaya, a mango, and a banana, all somehow mushed into a squidgy, slimy, tropical fruit. Some claimed it was delicious; some said otherwise. Nonetheless, … Read more


The Best Medicine

by Austin Rivers

Photos by Tess Hickey

Comedy isn’t easy. It takes a certain authoritative charisma to command an audience. Not every joke is met with laughter, but like all artists, comedians persevere to hone their craft. Many young performers in Athens are courageous enough to undertake this arduous task. On the first Friday of every month, Donkey Coffee gives these budding … Read more


Third Time’s a Charm

by Maureen Mierke

  Restauranteurs Jessica and Jason Kopelwitz open wing concept A staple of quaint Athens is Fluff Bakery, home to many delicious sweets and treats. Its tagline, “Life Is Fun: Eat It Up” is an accurate representation. Owners Jessica and Jason Kopelwitz have created a restaurant that stands out among the rest in town, with its unique … Read more


Don’t Judge a Book…

by Maddie Pinney

Ian George is defying gender roles–inside and out of costume “Don’t get strung out by the way I look, don’t judge a book by its cover,” is sexually sung in the beginning lines of “Sweet Transvestite” by Frank-N-Furter, the sweet transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania who bears a glittered black corset, fishnet tights and shimmering red … Read more