Logan Paul swings onto the Vine scene <br /><h4>By Taylor Maple</h4>

Logan Paul swings onto the Vine scene

By Taylor Maple

Photos by Alexa Pressman Ohio University’s resident media sensation is freshman Logan Paul. Those who have a Vine account on their smartphone may already be aware of this local celebrity….

In small, college town, USA <br /><h4>By Colin Hanner</h4>

In small, college town, USA

By Colin Hanner

  A look into the success and failure of Athens uptown businesses Photos by Jasmine Beaubien If you take a walk in an Ohio University student’s shoes in uptown Athens,…

Internationally Acclaimed <br /><h4>By Jacob Betzner</h4>

Internationally Acclaimed

By Jacob Betzner

Photos by Jasmine Beaubien Try to remember sitting in the required English 151 (1510) class, complaining about the pointlessness of the work and loathing, scanning through the numerous comments and…

Ohio University’s timeless treasures <br /><h4>By Maureen Mierke</h4>

Ohio University’s timeless treasures

By Maureen Mierke

Photos by Jasmine Beaubien At Ohio University, tradition is something of great value. If one walks around campus, tradition is seen everywhere. There are a few spots that most, if…

A mile in his shoes<br /><h4>By Xavier Veccia<h4/>

A mile in his shoes

By Xavier Veccia

When one imagines an artist, multiple images come to mind. Maybe a lanky French painter dressed in a paint smock and beret with a paint brush in one hand and…

Into the wild and back<br /><h4>By Colin Hanner<h4/>

Into the wild and back

By Colin Hanner

Ohio native Mathew Failor’s journey to becoming an Iditarod musher In sled dog racing, lead dogs run in front of the pack, the most intelligent and crafty of the bunch,…

Designated Space<br /><h4>By William T. Perkins<h4/>

Designated Space

By William T. Perkins

It was nine o’clock on an icy Tuesday evening in early February. Nearly 40 people gathered in the back room of Donkey Coffee, sipping warm drinks in the dim lighting….



A girl and her Twitter handle <br /><h4>By Xavier Veccia</h4>

A girl and her Twitter handle

By Xavier Veccia

Doors are meant to hide things, but when opened, whatever is behind them is revealed. The door that hides the girl responsible for locally-famous Twitter account, @OU_Confessions, opened and her…

Major Plans <br /><h4>By Kayla Beard</h4>

Major Plans

By Kayla Beard

Photos by Jasmine Beaubien Ohio University maintains nine undergraduate colleges and offers over 250 different programs of study. That may be a lot of options, but for some students many…

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